Imagine spending an entire day completely focused on you. 

You sift through all of your great ideas, plans, dreams and goals for your life and business and clarify your mindset.  You get it tuned to the frequency of success and fulfilment.  You create do-able strategies and action steps so you can achieve your next level of success with ease, playfulness and pure joy. 

How do I know these things about you?

I know EXACTLY where you are because I have been there!

Along my journey I have felt all the things you're feeling…

  • Frustration with the lack of clarity and growth… like I am stuck in the success of my previous creation

  • A desire to do more but unsure of what action to take… and scared to make the WRONG move

  • Wanting SO badly to get my business to the state I’ve dreamed of it being, but lacking confidence and a plan on how to achieve it. 

  • Realizing that what got me to this level of success will not get me to the next level of success

  • Understanding that I cannot do it on my own.  I need a thought partner, a sounding board, a mirror and someone to hold me accountable to do what I desire.

And because I know this - I know you - I AM you, you do not have to stay there. And with the support, guidance, and encouragement from an experienced Coach, you WILL NOT stay there.  You can overcome any challenges you’re facing and begin to see forward momentum in achieving your goals. 


This is exactly why I’ve created this special coaching experience. To help you get clarity and confidence in what actions to take to achieve your goals and build out that big vision you have for yourself. 

What does a VIP Day Look Like?

In your VIP Day, you’ll receive a full day of 1:1 coaching with Bridgette that’s tailored specifically to you, your vision, and your business.

The details:

  • 6-8 hours of 1:1 coaching 

  • In-person in Tampa, Florida or Virtually (Or I can travel to you, at your own expense) 

  • Leave with an exact map of the Mindset, Strategy, and Actions to successfully reach the next level of your busines

  • Helpful checklists & resources 

  • A day of fun, imagination, and exploration for your vision

  • Leave with clarity and confidence in reaching your next big goal

  • Full focus and power from an experienced Coach

  • Personal Energy Diagnostic: be aware of what elevates your energy and where there are leak

  • One 45 minute accountability check in within 30 days

  • Text / Voice Message Support via What'sApp for 90 days

Ready for the VIP Day Experience?

Apply below! 

*There is a $99 fee to apply that will be deducted from your total cost of your VIP Day.

This experience is for YOU!

If you’re ready to experience complete confidence and clarity as you take action to achieve your biggest goals, then the VIP Day experience is perfect for you! 

You will walk away with a clear map specific to YOU and the mindset, strategy, and actions you need to take to accomplish the next level of your business or side hustle. 


So, what do you say… Are you ready?